Brain drained

Posted by andrea - June 29th, 2006

Heh. If I “phoned in misanthropic” I’d never go to work, and end up living in the street, fated to deal with the hordes of humanity that I can’t stand. I like og’s version in the comments — “phoned in stupid.” Somedays I feel like doing that. Today I had the sudden thought that I’ve been promoted past my competence — and I’m not even a manager or anywhere near such a position. Thank God. If I was there would probably be blood flowing daily…

I’m not a knowitall about religion and I am no good at eulogies so I still haven’t figured out anything to say about Rob Smith’s death. Except he always had very nice things to say to me, which I now don’t think I deserved.

Anyway, upon closer examination in the bright light of late Florida afternoon the cat that was yowling outside my window and keeping me awake didn’t look so much of a horny would-be seducer of neutered females as an older, starving, possibly abandoned animal that some turd in human form didn’t want to take to their kewl new home somewhere (or if they were college students, a breed that infests my neighborhood, didn’t want to take back home). There’s a vacant lot overgrown with woods next to my apartment building. I was talking over the problem of the cat with some of the other people in the complex and they told me that the above-described turds in human form liked to use the woods as a drop-off point for the pets they didn’t want anymore. As we were talking, one of the neighbor ladies had her very large but very friendly dog with her and he wanted to make friends with the cat (really — I have never seen a more pathetically friendly huge black dog) but the cat was having none of it. Up went the spine, back went the ears, and the cat slunk off into the bushes. Later that night was the fierce storm which started with the thunder-of-God that I described in an earlier post. Right after that thunderclap the heavens literally opened up — it was like being under a waterfall. The entire next day and night there was no sign of the cat, and I thought either that thunder had given it a heart attack, or it had drowned in the rain, or it had just decided to find someplace where buckets of water weren’t being poured over its head by crazy humans with huge dogs.

Naturally, after wishing it away for several nights, I couldn’t stop worrying about the poor thing. God must have decided that I needed something to feel sorry for besides myself. And tonight I heard a familiar sound:

“Meow. Meow. MEOW. MEOW.”

There he was, standing at the corner of the patio, looking for a sucker. So I gave it some food. And you know what? I haven’t heard a peep. It was just hungry. Of course, now I know I will probably have regular visits, and my own (indoor) cat looked kind of pissed off, but I didn’t give him any of her food. She eats special dry food for indoor cats. (She still insists I give her pieces of my toast.) A friend of mine had given me several cans of cat food, but I don’t feed my cat more than a few occasional spoonfuls of canned cat food, as a treat. The outdoor cat thought it was fine, though, and hosed it right up.

Sympathy for the Devil you knew

Posted by andrea - June 29th, 2006

Well, it’s not just me this time that’s special, but all of “the Central Florida area” that’s having trouble with its dsl, thanks to several storms we’ve had over the past couple of days. So I’m doing this via dialup.

Every once in a while in the “rightwing blogosphere” I come across a former lefty’s wistful evocation of the left-leaning liberal ideals of yore. I usually ignore them, because if you’ve read a “they used to be such nice people when I was among their number” paean you’ve read them all. But finally I was motivated to answer this commenter’s defense of leftists, wherein he claimed that leftists “tend to be the ones who jump on human rights abuses,” “defend civil liberties,” and “tend to be strongly anti-discrimination.” Here is what I said:

…the left may have once been known for those three actions in the past,
but in the last, oh I don’t know, five years, I have seen little
evidence that they care about human rights (unless it’s the US or other
Western, spine-bearing nations allegedly violating them), civil
liberties (unless it’s their new best friends Muslim terrorists who are
allegedly suffering from the lack of them—at the hands of the US and
other spine-bearing Western nations), or discrimination (in fact, they
have come out in favor of discrimination for a select few “racial”
groups such as African-American Democrats, Muslim “militants,” and

You can only ride on past glory for so long. People are ready to
toss the Republican party over here into the dust because they’ve
turned into jellyfish on a number of important issues, but everyone’s
willing to give those cute lefties one more excuse, one more chance to
do “the good we know they have in their hearts.” Include me out.

I can’t fool myself like some people can. When I was a wishy-washy “left-leaning” Democrat I thought quite well of myself, as did my compatriots in our little clique, but I was actually just as selfish and unaware of the realities of the world as lefties accuse us fascist, warmongering rightwingers of being. I was into the “movement” mostly to feel good about myself, and because people I thought were cute were into it too. I’m sure there are leftists and former leftists who were more high-minded than I was and who really cared about the good of humanity and thought their way of doing things was the right way to help the human race, but as has already been pointed out by a thinker greater than I and they will ever be, “those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

Bye for now

Posted by andrea - June 28th, 2006

Just had a crack of thunder go off that sounded like God snapping a planet in half. Considering there were 16,000 lightning strikes in my area yesterday, I think I’d better sign off and unplug everything.


Posted by andrea - June 27th, 2006

Steve H. encounters government in the form of Miami-Dade County’s animal control division. I could have shared with him my own stories of that fine division — such as the time I lived in the area on a very busy road, and one day there was this giant dead dog in the median (it was huge, it must have been a Great Dane), and I and my roommate called the animal control people, and it took them several increasingly smelly days to remove the ripening canine corpse from its place upwind our door, but instead I put this in the comments:

Government employees are often the lowest common denominator of any population because the government is not allowed to discriminate. If you manage to jump through all the hoops and fill out all the forms necessary to getting a stupid part-time janitorial position (which is no doubt called something like “Sanitation Sub-Supervisor II.96v”) then they have to hire you, even if you filled out the form in crayon and then wiped your behind with it in the bathroom.

What I don’t get is how the mouthbreathers can do it. I decided to try to get a real job at the Dade County Library. I found out that you had to go to one of the labyrinthine windowless fortresses downtown and go to a succession of tiny rooms with rows of those plastic welded-together chairs and one bored humanoid behind a rank of seven thick glass-plated windows with tiny slits for forms and pencils, and take a test (this was for a job sorting books in the library I went to every week and knew as well as the employees did), and then I found out that to actually become a librarian, as opposed to a cart-pushing flunkey (”Library Assistant III.80xii”), you had to have a masters degree in what was then called Library Science, and which degree was only obtainable in one single college in Florida, and that was Florida State up in Tallahassee.

I must say, though, that the librarians I knew were all intelligent and of course well-read, but they had by that time taken on the patina of academic babies who landed sweet jobs with the iron rice bowl and were SFL — never there, didn’t much care, always in “meetings.” I joke a lot about being lazy but I have to work at a job where I do things. And to get a job with a non-government corporation all I had to do was dress nice and put on some makeup for the interview.

Ever since then, the idea of working for the government has given me the heebie-jeebies. Encounters with various branches of it like the DMV haven’t helped.

I need an old boot

Posted by andrea - June 26th, 2006

You know, I love cats. I have a cat. However, cats who sit outside my window saying “MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. MEOW.” over and over again all night because they are in heat and too stupid to realize my cat is 1) spayed, and 2) hates all other cats and would gladly rip their heads off if I let her out of the apartment, I do not love.

Bad news

Posted by andrea - June 26th, 2006

Acidman is gone. I probably shouldn’t say “only the good die young” because he wasn’t young and he’d probably deny he was good. Well I’d beg to differ on both accounts, as he was young and good in his own way.

Dang. What to say, what to say…


Posted by andrea - June 26th, 2006

This is hilarious:

Shannon-based peace activist Conor Cregan said yesterday that he
briefly detained the six on Thursday afternoon after finding them
walking on the Limerick Road leading out of Ennis. “I placed the
soldiers under citizen’s arrest because these soldiers are not supposed
to be walking freely on the streets of Ireland in uniform. It is a
breach of the Irish Constitution and Irish neutrality,”he said.

I wonder what the six soldiers did when confronted by this officious nut. Probably were quite polite as they stifled their laughter… If it had been me I would not have been able to resist some mischief. Such as using the phrases most guaranteed to drive an Irish person nuts: “Hey, do you know Bono? Can you get me his autograph?”

The Silence of the Sheep

Posted by andrea - June 25th, 2006

Kathy Shaidle posts about an article wherein Muslims give some of their main reasons for not denouncing the less-peaceful members of the Religion of Peace. The reasons are about what you’d expect, namely fear and pride. The fear is, of course, of their fellow Peaceful Religionists  — the dreaded “ostracism” as well as, most likely, a more basic and physical fear of simply ending up like Theo Van Gogh. The pride comes in two forms — perceived humiliation and contempt for the opinions of other, non-Muslims who are affected by, if not the target of, Muslim violence.

Injured pride gives way to excuses: “For those lucky enough to have jobs, there is little time to protest or even write letters to newspapers.” Strange, I have a job, and I have loads of time to write on this useless blog my opinion on anything whatsoever. Then again, I don’t have Cousin Ahmed and Brother Ali looking over my shoulder, making sure I don’t say anything to humiliate “the family.” So that’s at least excusable, if not by the feeble usage of the “I’m working my fingers to the bone” defense. This is less so:

“Why, many Muslims ask, should they have to speak out against, or
apologize for, actions of radicals who do not represent them — people
they do not even regard as true Muslims?”

Oh gosh, I don’t know — out of regard for your fellow non-Muslim citizen, who has no idea that you are one of the “peaceful” Muslims, and also has to deal with the contemporary prohibition against thinking any bad thing about someone from another ethnic and religious group? If “infidels” seem to have problems dealing with Muslims, it’s because of mental games like this, where one group takes for granted that “everyone knows” what they believe and think, so that there is no need to explain themselves to anyone, especially to those lesser beings not part of their little group. This is how high school cliques operate, not how mature individuals in a civilized society should.

Off with their heads

Posted by andrea - June 24th, 2006

Speaking of Muslim-sensibilities-coddling in the Western world, a little while ago I came out of the shower and the old British Seventies-era tv series Are You Being Served? was on the local PBS station. This episode was about an Arab family, or pack, or whatever attempting to buy lingerie for the en-burqa’d wife of the younger Arab guy, who stated that in their culture “man can touch man, but woman cannot touch woman.” “Where did you say they came from?” the queenie gay salesman asked his young straight stud colleague as an aside. Finally the queenie gay salesman was chosen to do the appropriate measurements, somehow without touching the wife. (This involved a routine with an elevator door and an improbable exercise routine.) Then, to pay for the garment, a baby goat was produced.

This is just stupid

Posted by andrea - June 24th, 2006

Of course the dsl connection went down again. Why not? It’s the weekend, and it’s raining. God forbid anything should work through such awful conditions. For this, and to save what amounts to a few pennies, I dropped cable? I might just swallow my pride, pay what I owe Brighthouse, and go back on Roadrunner. I never use the telephone except to call tech support people anyway — the rest of the time my number seems to be the sole property of poll groups and people wanting to sell time shares.

I set another appointment with yet another tech person. This time I refused to take off any more work; I told them I’d be here after 5:30 and they’d better be here to meet me by 6pm. With my luck he’ll probably be here early (the latest slot is 4pm to 6pm) and I’ll find another flyer hanging from my doorknob. That’s when I’ll have the pleasure of informing them that I’m going back to cable, and cancelling my phone account. I might as well go cell — everyone else has. (Where I’m going to get the money for all of the above I have no idea.)

Update: dsl’s back on. Let’s see how long this lasts. I’ll use it when I can, because I only get so many hours of dialup per month.

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