The cabinet has landed

Posted by andrea - February 27th, 2006

Fortunately not on my foot, as it’s a big ‘un:


(Click for larger.) It’s made of honey-colored Philippine mahogany, with brass handles and feet “darkened by time,” as the saying goes. I’m not sure the feet come out very clear, but they are the standard conical brass-footed feet just about every piece of furniture used to have back in the fifties and earlier. As you can see I wasted no time in moving some of my stuff into it. I had taken pictures of the cat exploring it — she can just fit on the part that juts out in front of the glass doors, as if she were on the window sill. Seeing her turn around in such a tight space is pure comedy gold. Anyway, the pictures all came out cockeyed for some reason, so I didn’t upload them.
I have also been informed that there is a matching dining table that has “butterfly” leaves that will extend it, but no chairs. I may check it out tomorrow.

Update: oh, okay, here are the best of the lot I shot with my cat investigating the new cabinet (click for larger):

xena investigates xena investigates some more

Danish embassy protest photos

Posted by andrea - February 26th, 2006

You can find lots here. This one is my personal favorite:

Hamlet quote

Your daily (more or less) Mo-pic

Posted by andrea - February 26th, 2006

Here it is!

on the rug

Mo hangin’ with his homies on his prayer rug. Outrageous!

I didn’t eat any pork products today, but I did eat at a Greek restaurant in my neighborhood. Nitey nite.

Coffee table victory

Posted by andrea - February 25th, 2006

I found my coffee table! Behold (click for full view):

coffee table

It’s just what I wanted — it’s big, it’s round, it’s made of wood. I found it at one of the second hand furniture stores in my neighborhood. And I found a Philippine mahogany china cabinet in the plain fifties-modern-style I wanted for $95.00 at one of the other stores; that will be delivered Monday. Life is good.

One thing I’d like to do with the coffee table is somehow remove the scratched up shiny coating it has on the top. I forget what they call that stuff — polyurethane? I’d rather it just be a natural wax; that polyurethane stuff has an 80s plasticky look to it, and besides like I said it’s scratched. Can it be sanded off, and a stain applied? Leave your suggestions in the comment box.

Holding pattern

Posted by andrea - February 25th, 2006

There’s nothing like waking up at noon with a sinus headache. I highly recommend the experience. Not.

The thing is, I had planned to Do Things today. I have to go pay my electric bill, and I wanted to check out the used furniture stores. Also I’m a little low on food, including cat food, so I have to go by the grocery store and grab a few things before I keel over and my cat eats me. (She was sniffing my face in a manner I found suspect as I lay in bed this morning. Remember, cats are only semi-domesticated.)

Speaking of groceries, I have been thinking about my frustrations with the apartment, and apartment living in general, and it occurred to me that every apartment, even the smallest studio, in this area is set up as though a family of at least four people were going to be living in it. I refer specifically to the kitchens and their full-sized appliances. Most apartment kitchens come with dishwashers, which IMHO are really unnecessary for a single person unless you are in the habit of giving frequent dinner parties. I do use my dishwasher, because I am really lazy, but I’ve lived without one for most of my life, and I find myself washing dishes by hand half the time anyway because I either have too few dishes to justify running the thing, or I am washing something that can’t be put in the dishwasher, like my French press coffee pot. But I would cheerfully yank the dishwasher out of that space it’s in and replace it with one of these. (A washer-dryer hookup is one thing I don’t have in this place. We have a laundry room but it’s not free.) Another thing I really don’t need is the full-sized refrigerator. Yes, I know this practically makes me un-American to say this, but I could get along quite well with a refrigerator this size. I really don’t buy a lot of food at once — I didn’t even when I had a car. I tend to buy just enough for a couple of meals, because I hate it when food goes to waste, as it invariably does when I buy large amounts of vegetables, meat, or so on. I can cook when I put my mind and effort into it but usually I am just looking for something to cram into my stomach so I can get back to the computer. Just think of the extra counter space I’d have if I removed that big unit I have now and put a small one in. I’d have a little more, anyway. Also, empty refrigerators are power-sucks, and I’d like the electric bill I do have to go down a bit.

Oh well, I don’t own the place. But it’s something to think about if and when I ever do make the jump from renter to owner. I really think I’d refurbish whatever place I bought into a proper single person’s residence.

Speaking of the electric bill, that’s one of the things I have to Do today, so I’d better get moving. Later, peeps.


Posted by andrea - February 24th, 2006

Save me! I’ve joined Netflix. The first three wastes of time are on the way to my mailbox.

Update: lordy, I forgot — here’s your Mo-pic of the day:

weird mo

Okay, I know what that looks like, but it’s all perfectly innocent. Or as is explained here:

This Iranian site contains a photograph of a mural which appears to depict Mohammed (sixth picture down) on a contemporary building in Iran. The mural shows Buraq (the animal that carried Mohammed on his Night Voyage, described as being white and having the face of a woman and the tail of a peacock, which this creature is and does) carrying a figure who could therefore only be Mohammed. A word-for-word transliteration of the Farsi caption to that picture is (according to this automated translation site), “The Messenger mounted mainland shiny door village (yzdlaan) (kvyry) village blinds to ascension wine river,” which obviously doesn’t translate well but which does make mention of “The Messenger,” a traditional epithet for Mohammed (as the messenger of Allah). Note: this image is hosted on the Web site of the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, which is sponsoring a contest of cartoons about the Holocaust as an outraged reponse to the publication of the Mohammed cartoons in the West. Yet the newspaper itself is currently displaying this depiction of Mohammed. (This image also on the newspaper’s site appears to be a contemporary image of Mohammed as well.)

That’s all for now. The outrage will continue tomorrow!

Pictures of Mo - Second Installment

Posted by andrea - February 23rd, 2006

Here’s another picture of Mohammed. No, his head isn’t on fire — the flames are supposed to denote holiness.

Mopic 2

My dinner tonight: a nice two-egg omelet with a couple of slices of Virginia ham and Danish havarti cheese mixed in. Mmmm, delightful.

Ohio nazis — I hate those guys

Posted by andrea - February 23rd, 2006

Oh great. Guess what fun is planned for my town this weekend: Neo-Nazis from Toledo Ohio are going to march through downtown Orlando. I was thinking of going to the mall across town, but as the connecting bus leaves from the main station on one of the streets the scum plan to slither down, I guess I’ll be staying home. I was hoping the weather would be as beautiful this weekend as it has been for the past couple of days, but now I hope it rains.

New Feature: Pictures of Mo

Posted by andrea - February 22nd, 2006

Mohammed that is. Because contrary to current popular wisdom, it wasn’t always a hangin’, stonin’, burninatin’ offense to scrawl a likeness of the Prophetizing One. Strangely enough, among the first people to make depictions of Mohammed weren’t mischievous Vikings, but… his followers. They turned out images like this in droves:

Mohammed preaching
This is described here as being a “Persian or central Asian illustration showing Mohammed (on the right) preaching.” And there’s more where that came from. So let’s just drop the pretense that pictures of Mohammed were always a no-no. It’s getting boring.

There will be one of these posted here every day until I can find no more. And then I may just start over.

This was typed by someone who regularly eats ham and other pork products.

Art dhimmi style

Posted by andrea - February 22nd, 2006

How has one American school come up with a solution to the made-up “problem” of Muslim children learning to draw “forbidden” human and animal figures? Simple: they’ve decided not to teach any children how to draw anything but landscapes and geometric designs:

Out the window right away went masks, puppets and that classic of elementary school art class, the self-portrait, said Sara Langworthy, an artist with ArtStart. Revamping the curriculum “definitely requires stepping outside of the normal instincts that you fall back on,” she said.

In their place came nature scenes and geometric forms and patterns, said Carol Sirrine, ArtStart’s executive director. This week, the class was cutting out shapes to make into cardboard pouches. Another project involved taking photographs and mapping the neighborhood around the school.

Ominously, the articles states that “The conversation about what is appropriate is still open.” Oh yes, I’m sure it is. I can’t wait for this fad to catch on in the rest of the USA. All I know is if my kid came home and told me that he wasn’t allowed to draw people or animals because someone’s cracked religion supposedly stated “God didn’t want them to” I’d have his little ass yanked out of the school right fast. The upbeat, we’re-all-in-harmony-now tone of the article is interesting too — nothing hinting at what teaching children that the sort of world God wants depicted is one bereft of living figures does to their mental landscape. I’m also waiting for a furor to erupt in the liberal arts community similar to that one that regularly goes into spasms whenever a Christian group objects to their kids having to read some tome precious to liberal sensibilities like Catcher in the Rye. I get the feeling that my wait will be in vain, though.

(Via lgf.)

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