It’s called a favorites list for a reason

Posted by andrea - December 30th, 2006

Good lord woman, write more posts and you’ll get people linking to you and visiting your site the old fashioned way. Quit worrying about the few lazy clickers who can’t be bothered to set up a blogroll or click “bookmark site” on their browser menu. “But– but I didn’t get a cattle prod up my ass to let me know you’d posted again!” Do you really need people like that?

I never did set up a category called “I Hate RSS,” did I? Well, maybe I will.

Hangman, hangman, upon your face a smile

Posted by andrea - December 30th, 2006

I’ve been reading some blog entries and blog comments whose authors are waxing concerned about how the execution of Saddam Hussein is making Baby Jesus cry because the death penalty is bad. Well that’s as may be, but Steve H. shows that it is possible to be against the death penalty on general principles without being a total pussy about offing someone who obviously deserved it.

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing

Posted by andrea - December 29th, 2006

Soon Saddam will be hung by the neck until dead dead dead. “Get over here and pick up his crap,” his lawyers have been told. I hope they don’t get into any undignified fights over his personnal effects. Soon to be available on Ebay.

I think I’ll take my swing cds to work today.

Update: I ended up forgetting the cds. It was just as well. I also corrected the title, which was off a bit.

One more update until the end: a die-you-fucker roundup. I don’t have any hard liquor in the house (yet), but I do have a bottle of wine and some Alka-Seltzer Plus cold medication. Party!

One more one more update until the end: ridiculous.

And one more: they wait at Iraq the Model.

And the end: I turned on the tv just five minutes ago. The sad-faced idiot on 20/20 made the announcement, and also took the trouble to mention how Saddam considered a death by hanging “demeaning,” and had requested a firing squad instead. His request was not granted.

Murder Mystery

Posted by andrea - December 23rd, 2006

For some reason, all these years I thought Kirsty MacColl died of natural causes. I think I must have gotten her mixed up with some other pop singer who died young, though I can’t think of who. I plead the fact that like most Americans I’ve just never been that much into her — I don’t like the bland pop she used to sing nor do I like much “Caribbean influenced” music. Anyway, this article confirms my instinctive disinterest in ever visiting Mexico. I’ve just never seen what was so great about the place — I can get pretty tropical beaches and Mexican food right here in Florida. (I can also get Mexican tv shows on the Spanish language channels, as well as dysentery from raw vegetables picked by real Mexicans, so I can have the complete Mexico experience without ever having to leave home.)

What I don’t understand is why so many Americans dote on the place. The Mexican government is as corrupt as they come, most Mexicans hate us for being rich “Norteamericanos” who stole “their” land, and it’s lousy with real communists — not the pretend sort who just think that wearing a Ché Guevara shirt and being “defiant” is cool. I wouldn’t go there if the entire continental US was on fire.

(Via Kathy Shaidle.)

Please stop it

Posted by andrea - December 17th, 2006

Latest internet cause of rage and pounding headaches in myself: the use of “course” when the writer means “coarse.” Please note of all the many definitions of the word “course,” none of them are “composed of relatively large parts or particles,” “lacking in fineness or delicacy of texture, structure, etc.,” or “lacking delicacy, taste, or refinement; unpolished.” They are TWO VERY DIFFERENT WORDS.

Of course.

Rude Freak Shown His Place

Posted by andrea - December 17th, 2006

Danny Bonaduce is my hero.

Via commenter Hellbilly on Tim Blair’s site.

Update: ha ha ha ha! “See, you can be highly intelligent and accomplished,” (she’s talking about the “middle class college boy” bothering Bonaduce) “and still be a conspiracy theorist, because the habit of conspiracy theorizing (at least here in the West) is likely a symptom of Asperger’s or some other form of autism, just like compulsively rocking back and forth or playing D&D.”  (Uh oh, some of Kathy’s overly-earnest Catholic readers are sure to admonish her for that suicide crack. So I’ll say this ahead of time: mock the Devil, and he will flee from thee.)

Bogons vs. Cluons

Posted by andrea - December 9th, 2006

You know what’s pathetic? No, not trying to type with a cat sleeping on your arm, that’s merely inconvenient (yet somehow comforting). No, what’s pathetic is the yearly scrounging for that most dubious of cattle calls, the goddamn Weblog awards.

No, no link, I refuse to link to the disgusting thing.

Please people, break away. Remember, you have wives, kids, your pride — or at least you have your new Wii that you stood outside the store for ten hours in the freezing sleet for. Anyway, you must all have something that, no matter how pitiful and stupid it may seem to the rest of humanity, is infinitely more valuable than winning top dog in a pointless contest that doesn’t even offer any sort of substantial prize. I’m not necessarily talking cash, but Oscar winners (speaking of another self-congratulatory industry circle jerk raised to a ridiculous degree of prestige) get a gold statue; what do Weblog award winners get? They get the warm rush of knowing that they are at the top of a list that no one but other bloggers (currently .0000000000000007% of the population) gives a shit about. Oh, and they get to do some extra work on their blog, if cutting and pasting the code that will make that logo show up on their blogs can be considered work. Big deal.

The worst thing about the Weblog awards is that instead of posting about subjects of common interest (such as this war happening out there in the Real World? Remember that?) bloggers are blogging about polls, and who’s currently in the running for first place in categories like Best Culture Blog (God, just shoot me now), and bitching that they aren’t getting enough votes, and putting links in all their posts with the words “please vote for me!” Completely without shame. It all make me want to stab myself in the head with a skewer to let the boredom out. Please please please make it stop.

What can I say, stuff like this just irks me.

(Title source. Hacker stuff is mostly stupid but that was kind of funny.)

Ain’t she a beauty?

Posted by andrea - December 3rd, 2006

Crikey! It’s IED Hunter!

The whole “the situation is hopeless in Iraq!” drumbeat from the professional news media kind of looks shrill and stupid now, doesn’t it? After all, if things were all that bad, how would anyone in the military have time to make video parodies? I’d like to see how the news pros are going to spin this into the Iraq Doom Cycle Mythos.

Rage Rage Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Posted by andrea - December 2nd, 2006

I like Raging Dave. And not just because he says nice things about me either.

Raging Dave has probably linked to me many times before. He is probably even one of my registered commenters. So this is a belated love-linky (no tongues!) back.

Addition: I missed this answer on Kim’s site to my blog post (the one on the mystery of lefties who love Muslim religious fanatics) as well. (Ugh, that sentence is awkward. Well I am tired so I will leave it stand.)

What. the. h

Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

Interesting. It seems that when I write a new post and save it to the category “random items,” the post will not appear on the main page of the blog. However, if I change OR add the post to another category, it will appear on the main page of the blog. Gosh, ladies and gents, how can I say this — it looks like the muthafuckin’ blog is getting muthafuckin’ FULL.

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