Posted by andrea - December 9th, 2006

I really like the photos on this blog. I need to learn to take indoor, low-light shots… Also I need to install Japanese fonts on the laptops. Even though I can’t read Japanese, all those question marks that Firefox subsititutes for the characters is really irritating.

Update: okay, I went looking for the Japanese Language Pack on Microsoft’s website and it involves too many scary things for me to risk. Gone are the days when I’d blithely install drivers and whatnot on my Windows 3.11 box. Also, even though I have Service Pack 2 installed, that was done at the store where I bought this (used) laptop. I don’t actually have the Service Pack 2 cd that has the actual install files on it. I would either have to go to the store where I bought the laptop (a two-bus trip), or let my friend who works for IBM tend to the thing. But I don’t like dragging a friend on a busman’s holiday just for the sake of a language I neither speak nor read.

Second update: okay! I went and threw caution to the wind and dug out the Windows XP with Service Pack I cd that came with my desktop (the one my friend still has to pick up) and installed the Asian language fonts off it. Despite the different installs of XP it worked, so now I have Kanji (or whatever it is) instead of question marks. It’s an aesthetic thing.

Forgot one more thing: I tried to translate some of the blog entries using Google’s Japanese Beta translation thing in their language tools. The results were almost as incomprehensible as the original Japanese.

Why I read Ace of Spades

Posted by andrea - December 8th, 2006

Sure, it’s a Geek-Neanderthal free-for-all, but that’s part of its charm. And then there are instances of pure platinum wit, such as this response to a scientific article on (I think — “Science is hard stuff too!” said Malibu Barbie) the possibility that our sense of smell has something to do with subatomic particles:

New euphemism for flatulance: Splitting atoms… with my ass.

That’s going in the Quote Book, that is.

Holy Rollers

Posted by andrea - December 8th, 2006

Tim’s commenters are speaking in tongues.

Original labor pains

Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

The comments in this blog post about the Vatican premier of The Nativity Story movie went off into a tangent about Mary’s (in the movie) labor pains and whether it was truthful for her to be shown having them. This made me think about an idea I formed when reading various Christian-themed or -focused works (mostly by C.S. Lewis) recently. (Among them, if you want to know, PerelandraThe Screwtape Letters, and Mere Christianity.) I wonder if people misconstrue the idea that labor pains themselves were punishment for O.S., and not simply that our reaction to them was changed. This wouldn’t surprise me as we tend to misconstrue just about everything. But (I supposed I should break in here and say posit, of course, that the doctrine of Original Sin is true — if it isn’t than this whole post won’t make sense and you can ignore it) it’s possible that all the things that are said to be punishment for the Big Bad — death, sickness, pain in childbirth — are not themselves the punishment so much that we became separated from our true selves (because of the separation from God), and therefore unable to react normally to normal events — “death” became to us not a transition from a lower to a higher state, but a real ending, and annihilation of ourselves; pain became not just a response to certain stimuli but an event even worse or at least as bad as the stimuli itself. Women were, perhaps, always meant to “feel” something of a strain when passing a largish object out of their smallish spaces, but if we weren’t so addled by fear and confusion that the Christians say is caused by sin we would have understood the pain as akin to that “suffered” by an athlete undergoing strenuous exercise (a bad analogy but that’s the best I can come up with of a “good” pain that isn’t smutty).

This is just something I thought of.

What. the. h

Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006

Interesting. It seems that when I write a new post and save it to the category “random items,” the post will not appear on the main page of the blog. However, if I change OR add the post to another category, it will appear on the main page of the blog. Gosh, ladies and gents, how can I say this — it looks like the muthafuckin’ blog is getting muthafuckin’ FULL.


Posted by andrea - November 26th, 2006


Optioned to death

Posted by andrea - November 25th, 2006

You learn something new every day: I just realized that I’ve been doing something deliberately that Mac OS users do because they can’t do anything any other way: I delete files only via the operating system (in my case, Windows XP), rather than use the weird “file-delete” menu choices that too many Windows programs have. I have always thought that deleting, say, a Word document via Word would fuck Windows up, or at least confuse it (I hate that little animated flashlight that pops up when it’s trying to find a no-longer-existant file). True, that “quick pick” document-opening selection of the four or so latest documents that Word offers gets bollixed up when I go into My Computer or Explorer and delete a file that I had recently opened in Word, but who cares, it’s only Word.

Anyway, I always had set in my head to do it this way, at least as long as I’ve been using Windows. When I first started using computers we were started on DOS — Windows was still a new baby — and you could only use one program at a time and they sort of took over the whole computer so yes, you would delete a Wordperfect file most easily using Wordperfect, etc., but that was DOS. I had a brief foray into Linux a few years ago but I can’t remember if you could delete files with the applications.

Update: this will show you how lazy and unobservant I am — prompted by meep’s comment, I decided to actually look at the menus of the programs I use most. I don’t see a “delete” option in any of them. I think that what the above-linked post was talking about was the way you can delete files using the “open” menu, not directly from the menu bar itself. What the applications actually do is open a mini-Explorer, which shows you the folder list. I don’t think I’ve ever deleted an application via that route, but it’s simply another path to the same end. It’s not necessary, of course, but neither are pretty GUIs. (If I had my druthers, I’d install Linux and use one of the plainer Window Management systems. I may do that with the laptop once I get a new desktop system.)

When you take your eyes off the prize

Posted by andrea - November 25th, 2006

One of these days I’ll get around to explaining why it is I ended up not voting in the recent elections here in the United States of Acrimony. (I had intended to do so, though I only had the most lukewarm interest in any of the candidates and issues and whatnot.) Anyway, apropos of nothing, this brief analysis from over the pond of the whole mishegas pretty much echoes my thoughts about the results, which I doubt my vote (single, because I’m a registered Republican) would have changed one whit.



Posted by andrea - November 21st, 2006

Robert Altman’s dead at 81.

At the funeral there won’t be any speeches, just groups of random people intersecting and reacting off one another, and no one will be able to hear half of what anyone else is saying because everyone will be mumbling and talking over one another.

Playah hatah

Posted by andrea - November 20th, 2006

This made me laugh like a sick hyena.

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